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Rat Columns – Sceptre Hole LP


Rat Columns’ debut LP is out on Smart Guy Records. You can order it from him or get it from various well-known i-audio-selling sites. The LP features the current trio line-up of Matt, Jon and David, as well as James from Total Control et al on drums on one song. The album has a bit of a sad but very pop vibe, with some excursions into ambience, clanging loops and damaged fuzz. It was recorded in San Francisco but mastered by Mikey Young in Australia. You can hear some of the songs;



Egypt – ‘Devoted Psychic Reading’





‘Devoted Psychic Reading’ is the first record by Egypt. The band is Michael Harkin of Bay Area hardcore act Caged Animal and David T. West from Rank/Xerox, Rat Columns, Burning Sensation, Lace Curtain etc. 

It is just available on the internet right now, here; It is free, or you can give us money.

It was recorded at Göld Discs, San Francisco, California and mastered by Mikey Young in Australia.

The record could be described as introspective, fuzzed out, downer, abrasive. Veering from noise-pop to dirge to burnt-out ballads. Check it out!