Pauline Manson’s ‘999/Washed To Oblivion’ Tape is released on Goaty Tapes…

Pauline Manson’s dual conceptual EPs, ‘999’ and ‘Washed To Oblivion’ have been released on cassette by Goaty Tapes! You can cop it here…  or at these distros… or, if you live in Australia like 3/4 of PM, you could get it from those guys (follow the signs to Taco Leg) or from the fabulous Albert’s Basement, at least I think so.

Please note the correct title is ‘Washed To Oblivion’ not ‘Wasted To Oblivion’.

For those not in the know, ‘999’ and ‘Washed To Oblivion’ deal respectively with the taboo subjects of Thanksgiving (999) and Christmas (Washed To Oblivion), and in the case of “Washed To Oblivion’, the brutal and complicated relationship of a younger brother with his older brother, who was once a true punk, but has since become a know-it-all, conservative investment banker in Sydney.

The lyrics don’t come with the tape, but are of utmost importance to truly understanding what it ‘is’ that we are trying to say. So here they are!



‘999’ is available for listening/copping here. Here are the tracks from ‘Washed To Oblivion’…


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