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Rat Columns 4-song 7″ out now on Smartguy Records…

A four-song 7″ by Rat Columns is out now on Smartguy Records.

You could get it from Smartguy, Midheaven Mailorder, and some other places. Pick it up!

You could cop the sick ‘Paranoid Video’ by those freaks Total Control and the epic Boomgates 7″ at the same time, from both those places…

Some of the trax; I just noticed they are both 3:24 long, formulaic or what…

A review from The Creative Intersection;

‘I’m going to stop mentioning whether bands are from Australia. It’s just too much of an early give away of how great the music is. Everything seems to be pure gold from that continent, and when it may seem like the bands might start to deform all into the same sound, something comes along that removes any sense of encroaching overwrote similarity. Case in point with Rat Columns.

Rat Columns is the solo work of David West. If that name sound unfamiliar, it’s to be expected due to West being a member of the equally under appreciated Rank/Xerox. That post-punk connection sort of sets the stage for what comes out these grooves. From the simple yet stark cover art, the solitude and loneliness of the music is instantly presented. Which is helped by the single itself, which manages to smoothly showcase the various forms that West’s music takes.

It opens with the simple “I Wonder”, as a few sparse drum beats over equally sparse guitar lines. I’ve heard a few comparisons to The Clean’s take on post-punk as a good jump off point for what’s happening in Rat Column’s ;music and parts of that can be picked up on and really bond well with the music. More so though, it sounds like a darker, yet sonically reduced Fresh and Onlys. case in point when the next two songs come on. “Keep Waiting” is a nice 90 degree turn, a noisy synth tune with vocals so low you have to strain your ears to pick them up. It’s quite lovely, evoking little touches of New Order. Then the complete 180 occurs with “Glass Coffin”, clearly bringing to mind the menace of Blue Water White Death’s “Song for the Greater Jihad”, a single deformed instrument becoming more unhinged with the vocals as the song progresses. Then the return an ironic turn back to the original form with “Darkness”, a high point of ringing guitar notes coming together to one of the catchiest moments on the single. The entire 7″ is very effortless, simple and not something I was expecting in my inbox. Another superb night time single.’


Pauline Manson’s ‘999/Washed To Oblivion’ Tape is released on Goaty Tapes…

Pauline Manson’s dual conceptual EPs, ‘999’ and ‘Washed To Oblivion’ have been released on cassette by Goaty Tapes! You can cop it here…  or at these distros… or, if you live in Australia like 3/4 of PM, you could get it from those guys (follow the signs to Taco Leg) or from the fabulous Albert’s Basement, at least I think so.

Please note the correct title is ‘Washed To Oblivion’ not ‘Wasted To Oblivion’.

For those not in the know, ‘999’ and ‘Washed To Oblivion’ deal respectively with the taboo subjects of Thanksgiving (999) and Christmas (Washed To Oblivion), and in the case of “Washed To Oblivion’, the brutal and complicated relationship of a younger brother with his older brother, who was once a true punk, but has since become a know-it-all, conservative investment banker in Sydney.

The lyrics don’t come with the tape, but are of utmost importance to truly understanding what it ‘is’ that we are trying to say. So here they are!



‘999’ is available for listening/copping here. Here are the tracks from ‘Washed To Oblivion’…

Rank/Xerox 12″ LP is out…

The debut LP from Rank/Xerox is now available on the Make A Mess Records webstore…

It has 10 songs and was recorded in a Chinatown dungeon with Eric Bauer (aka King Riff) and Ty Segall.

It is 12$ plus postage. Pick it up!

Some trax;

A review of the LP from Yellow Green Red;

‘A bunch of hotly-anticipated albums seemed to have dropped this month, Rank/Xerox’s debut certainly not the least of them. Their first 7″ is one of the last decade’s greatest left-field punk stunners, and while Rank/Xerox doesn’t quite knock me on my seat in the same way, it’s another excellent helping of this San Franciscan trio. For the most part, they’ve restrained their assault from a Feederz-style flail-fest to something moodier (but not remotely gothic), like Wire’s Chairs Missing infused with the no-wave isolation of Mars. Something like “Nausea” would’ve even found a good home on Gravity, had it come out right after that first Rapture album. The more I’ve been able to settle into Rank/Xerox, the better I’ve been able to understand their shift to a more solemn complexion, even thought they still couldn’t be confused for anything other than a punk band. Really hope people get around to checking this one out, as Rank/Xerox don’t really mess around with the modern media self-promotion game that’s becoming more and more of a sad necessity to get one’s self noticed these days.’