ROS002 – Rat Columns S/T CS/CD

‘Rat Columns’ is the new self-titled full-length cassette/CD from Rat Columns. Rat Columns is David West, with help from James Vinciguerra and others of both present and future prescience. Born of rural isolation, then uncultured in Perth, Australia. He now lives in San Francisco, California, USA. Eight songs of dark, ill-fitting pop wanderings and mangled noises.

Co-released by ROS Records and Grave New World.

Right now I have the cassette, in the USA it’s 4$ post-paid, 5$ for Europe and everywhere else. Soon I will have the CD also. Email me or paypal me at If you’re in Australia or New Zealand you can get it at Grave New World.

Some songs…


Review from Yellow Green Red;

‘After heartily enjoying Rank/Xerox’s various works and the recent Burning Sensation LP, it’s pretty clear that guitarist / vocalist David West is an idea-man. You know the type, the guy that’s always working on something, be it a new band, art project, show idea, whatever. Rat Columns is a project solely his own, and rather than following the loud, rock-based approaches of the aforementioned groups, he tries out a number of quieter, more intimate styles here. What better place for that than a tape, right? Rat Columns starts with the drifting, three-legged dog of a Loren Connors cut in “Telephone Call”, and follows it with “I Wonder”, a power-pop rocker played not just in the bedroom but under the covers as well. The rest falls somewhere in between, from dowdy, Shadow Ring-like explorations to something on the seedier end of a Hyped 2 Death comp. Very mild songs that will only take over as deeply as you let them. Cool stuff, and although I’d prefer a new Rank/Xerox record, West clearly has to flush these sounds from his brain one way or another, this cassette being a way that the rest of us can enjoy it.’


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  1. Josh
    Posted October 18, 2011 at 1:35 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Any of these tapes left?

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