Rank/Xerox 7″ (Mongo Bongo Top Ten Hits)

The debut 7-inch of San Francisco band RANK/XEROX. Their previous release was a split cassette with Grass Widow, now sold out (UPDATE: MORE AVAILABLE). The sound of Rank/Xerox’s four-song 7-inch is one of post-punk tension, messy but vaguely pop in a fractured fashion, equal parts guitar scratchers and synth screamers.

I haven’t any more copies. But you can acquire easily at Mongo Bongo.

Review from Yellow Green Red;

‘San Francisco’s Rank/Xerox do the future-primitive punk thing so effortlessly well that they would’ve been a perfect addition to Subterranean’s roster some thirty years earlier, fitting snugly between Nervous Gender and Flipper. That’s not to say they sound like either of those bands, though – rather, Rank/Xerox have a visceral-yet-moody texture reminiscent of Feederz, some Rudimentary Peni attitude, and maybe even a little VSS-styled DIY laser light-show action. In all of those classic punk scenes, none of the original bands really sounded like each other anyway, its more of the anxious strumming and frantic percussion that would make them a perfect candidate for any S.F. Underground compilation. The three songs here sound fresh yet classic, and at a total playing time around five minutes, I’d be wearing out the grooves on my copy if it wasn’t for my successful MP3 search. Don’t you dare go looking for them, though – I can’t think of a better use for seven bucks than a quick Mondo Bongo PayPal transaction.’


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